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1968 PAP Report Card

Should be a 1968 PAP Kindergarten Report Card! I’m wondering why I’m only studying during the 2nd term of the Kindergarten at the PAP? That means I only had 6 mths of Kindergarten education prior to my Primary education.

If you see carefully the above Report Card;

– The Chinese text is above the English.

– The address (436, Pesiaran Keliling) of the Kindergarten or the Road name does not exist anymore.

– Postal code probably still not introduced yet.

Now for the inside of the Report Card;

I really don’t have much recollection of that address 182, Mattar Road, Block 2! That means I may have stayed with my “Ba Gu” or No.8th Auntie (my Father’s elder sister) for about 6 mths. That Block 2 should have been demolished long ago. Why the unit number just 182 at that time?

Where in Singapore – Part 2

Following my yesterday’s post on Where in Singapore, I’ve received lots of feedback giving me the approximate location of the landmark shown in that photo.

Peter (in yesterday’s comments post) has highlighted that it is most probably located at the current Stadium Road (it was un-named road in the past even up to 1975).

See the blue ink for the suspected location;

That means it was very near to Oasis Restaurant and the Stadium Boulevard (Stadium Boulevard probably wasn’t built in the 60s).

Thanks to Peter and the rest in other forums for their help in locating the landmark.

Another view of the Kallang Park Structure posted on 4 Jan 2008; 

The below photo is contributed by Philip Chew.

Philip wrote:

“It was located in the middle of the drive way near the present MacDonald restuarant. Notice my car on the right of the road. I stopped by the roadside purposely to snap this picture. The HDB flats at Old Airport Road  is in the background.”

“The structure was in the middle of the drive way to Kallang Park near the present MacDonald Restuarant. There was no National Stadium building at that time. I used to drive my children to the park to play. There was a large sand pit with swings and merry go-round and also colourful cylindrical tunnel blocks for children to play. I took movies of my children in 8mm film. Recently, I converted the films into DVD. When I saw your blog and the photo, I recognised it at once. I played the DVD to confirm it. I shall get a similar photo and email it to you.”

Thank you Philip!


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