My Childhood Memories – Beatty Road (Part 1)

Probably the best part of my childhood memories were those in Beatty Road during the 60s and 70s. I was under the care of my Godmother when I was young as both my parents were working at that time.

My Godmother’s family was at Block 7 Beatty Road 25-C. The old numbering of housing in Singapore was like that 25-C means #04-25. I will talk about housing numbering in future.

There were 17 blocks of public housing (Jalan Besar Estate) built during Mr. Lim Yew Hock’s time. Yes, it’s called SIT (Sinapore Improvement Trust, the predecessor of HDB) flats. What I would like to highlight is the solid and spacious flat at that time. My godmother’s house at Block 7 was a 4 storey flat (no lift of course) and there were 2 bedrooms, one big hall, kitchen, one bathroom and one toilet. There were no attached toilet in the bedroom at that time but a very long balcony from the hall to one of the bedroom. There was a common corridor in front that linked all our neighbours.

Below you can see a photo taken during December 1967 outside my godmother’s house 25-C at the common corridor near the staircase. My godmother’s house was the first unit (corner unit). See it was facing the then Boo Teck School, a Chinese Primary School.

The Boo Teck School was now replaced by the new Wu De Building;

The oval shape grass patch in front of the building was nevertheless the same till now. Here is the map of the then Beatty Road; all these SIT flats were now replaced by 3 blocks of Kerrisdale Condo. Besides the Boo Teck School, was the wet market then. Of course there were some provision shop and a coffee shop at that place.

… to be continued.


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