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My Primary Education

This is the continuation of the post yesterday “Beatty Integrated School”. Here is the front cover of my Report Card;

I do not understand why in the past, most Chinese wordings are placed before (above) the English wordings. You may note that the word “Primary” was not there. The plastic cover given was not of very clear type but good enough to offer protection to the report card hehe.

Surprisingly inside the Report Card, the English wordings showed the word “Primary” as in Beatty Integrated Primary School.

Also note that the Postal Code 8 was written at the Address then in 1969!

So have you noticed that our Primary Education has changed over this 30 to 40 years.

Science was taught in Primary 1 during my time in 1969! Now, Science was taught in Primary 3 onwards.  

I’m not too sure how the Science syllabus may have changed since then, but definitely the primary school Science nowadays are far more detailed and difficult than in the past. Here is a very old Science book published in 1969 by Federal (insert);


Another point you may note is that History and Geography were taught from Primary 3 onwards then while these subjects were integrated into Social Studies as a subject and taught from Pri.1 nowadays. Only from Secondary 1, History and Geography were taught as a seperate subject now.

Finally, you may see that there were only about 160 students in my same level from Primary 1 to 3. So there were probably about 4 classes each of about 40 students. Far lesser than now of course, why? Maybe the population then was lesser and also Primary Education might not yet be compulsory. So you see as time passed by, more and more people are getting educated and thus it’s far more difficult to get a job in future even if you are a graduate – the population grows and you are just one of the many!



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