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Temples at Race Course Road

Rememer this arch I mentioned before in my previous post;

Let’s show the map of temples at Race Course Road first;

I’ve always mistaken it for a different temple! I thought it was this one (Temple 2);

Yes, this is the famous Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple which is also known as the Temple of 1,000 lights. Inside is this almost 300 tons 15M high Buddha statue;

I remembered once my Primary School teacher brought us there to see the reclining Buddha in a chamber at the back of this statue.

Let’s take a closer look at this temple outside. The signboard at the temple entrance;

The mural at the top;

2470 – 1927 : What does it mean? Is the temple built in 1927 as some said so? I’m not too sure if that is a pair of lions or tigers.

You will see the same pair guarding the entrance of the temple;

Why did I mistaken this temple for the Long Shan Si probably because of this dome structure which I can see from the balcony of my Godmother’s house at Beatty Road on the fourth storey;

Ok, now for the real Long Shan Si which was first built in 1917;

It is said that the main hall of the temple resembles that of a Chinese palace.

The other deity like Confucius are also near the main altar. Some parents bring their children to pray for intelligence and filial piety.

Besides this temple, is the old Mee Toh School which was initially designed for the construction of another temple Mee Toh Temple.

Of course there are more temples along the Race Course Road, but these are the 2 temples that leave a deep impression in my mind. I used to walk past these temples along the Race Course Road when I was young.



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