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Ticket to the Past (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1…

Though what happened before SBS or STC were not part of my life, but it’s interesting to know more about it. Now let’s take a look at the Public Transport history before SBS was formed;

1882 to 1894 – Steam Tramway (The Singapore Tramways Company Limited)

1891 – Electric Tramway

1902 – Singapore Electric Tramsway Limited

1925 – Shanghai Electric Construction Company Limited established the Singapore Traction Company (STC) : Trolley Buses

1927 – All Trams were replaced by Trolley Buses

1955 – Hock Lee Bus Riot

1956 – Great STC Strike

1962 – Trolley Buses replaced by Motor Buses

1971 – 10 Chinese bus companies were re-organised into 3 main companies;

Amalgamated Bus Company (West Route) Formed by Hock Lee Amalgamated Bus Company, Keppel Bus Company, Kg Bahru Bus Service.

Associated Bus Services (East Route) Formed by Paya Lebar Bus Service, Changi Bus Company, Katong-Bedok Bus Service, Ponggol Bus Service.

United Bus Company (North) Formed by Tay Koh Yat Bus Company, Green Bus Company, Easy Bus Company.

Singapore Traction Company (STC) was to maintain its operation in the Town Area.

1973 : STC went burst. Government step in to bring the 3 bus companies together; Singapore Bus Service (SBS) formed.

Singapore Steam Tram around 1880s;

Here is the Steam Tramway Map in Singapore;

Credit : Above 2 from Malcolm of RailSing site

Here is a very good site about Steam and Electric Tramway in Singapore from Malcom.

Electric Tramway in Singapore;

Let’s see some Trolley Buses in the olden times Singapore. See if you can tell the differences between Electric Tram and Trolley Bus?

Trolley Bus along High Street in 1930s;

Trolley Bus Service No.3 plying Outram to Geylang in 1950s (you can see our police in shorts too);

Credit : nk4631

Postcard showing Trolley Bus along Anson Rd at the old Boustead Building (now Fuji Xerox) in the 60s;

So how to tell the Trolley Bus apart from Electric Tram? The differences are;

– Trams have flanged wheels and run on rails or grooved tracks. Trams take electric power from a single overhead wire and the return is from the track.

– Trolley buses have rubber tyres and don’t run on track or rail. They take power from a pair (2) of overhead parallel wire.

This is an interesting old photo – not only showing the 2 types but also take note of the front of the STC bus (there was a turning knob);

Credit : nk4631

Below shows an old STC Bus No. 4 plying Paya Lebar and Finlayson Green probably in the 60s;

Maybe they may be fun and interesting to look at now, but I for sure don’t think I will enjoy the ride at all.


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