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1 School 3 Generations (Part 2)

…continued from Part 1

When I heard the news of the Ground Breaking ceremony of the People’s Assocation New HQ on 20 January 23007 at Victoria School Tyrwhitt Road, I felt sad. I knew I was again late to catch a few last glimpse of my Alma Matar.

So this is how it’s gonna look like after completion – the new PA HQ;

Well it’s kinda like new building over old building…not too sure which part of the old building are they going to retain.

Here are some photos of how the school like in February 2007.

The main gate where the School Hall was on the right side. The contractors there probably wondering why am I such a slow hand to come here and take photos haha.

Seems like the main gate had been changed since then. You may see the photo below (1978) of me carrying a guitar entering the school main gate. Even the building outside the school had changed.

The main building block is just besides the school field. Many of us like to peek at the game whenever there was a football match going on, so doors nearest to the field were usually “ordered” to close.

The building on the left below was the School Hall and below  it was the Canteen (Tuckshop – we used to call).

We took the most photos during Sec.4 which was our last year with the school. Here is another one with my Sec.4 classmate taken at just below the School Hall staircase;

Though now the building on the right (below photo) seems old, but during my time, it was called the New Block. My classmate Johnny and I loved to stroll along this new block. The library was at the second and third floor of the centre building shown in the photo. The basket ball court was a popular place for the basket ball players and plastic ball footballers too.

What is not shown in the above photos, was the canteen was turned into a temporary carpark for the contractors!

to be continued in Part 3…


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