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From Kachang To Popcorn (Part 2)

…continued from Kachang To Popcorn (Part 1)

Well guess it’s Ben Hur the first long hour movie I have watched in the cinema! Can’t really remember how many hours was that show, but it really very uncomfortable sitting in the cinema for so long especially those cinemas in the past. The seat spacing was so narrow and hard compared to now. Of course, in the past there was a price difference for those who choose the seats nearer to the screen and those who choose far behind – it was cheaper to sit in front but be prepared for stiff neck!

Of course some other nice English movies then were Ten Commandments, 101 Dalmaltians, etc… Among them, Towering Inferno definitely leave a deep impression in me. It’s probably the first movie that reported someone fainted while watching the show due to excitement.

In the 60s, you can find these type of movie flyers or posters at the ticket counter for you to take;

Credit : National Archives of Singapore

Kwan Tak Hing (seated on the left) was probably the first actor well-known for his role as Wong Fei Hong in the olden Cantonese movies;

Of course he shot to fame way before Jet Li. On the right was his all time opponent Sek Kin;

One played the good guy the other always the bad guy haha. If you will to ask me, I would prefer Kwan Tak Hing to Bruce Lee movies.

Cantonese movies were so popular in the 60s and 70s. Shows like this one were popular;

Some of the popular actors and actress then were:

Lui Kei – the so called handsome actor and then cheeky movies director;

He is probably well known in the 60s Cantonese movies together with Connie Chan (Chan Po-Chu,  陳寶珠) . Here she is appearing in the old movie Black Killer in 1967;

Since retired, she seldom appear in public. Connie Chan appearing in a HK concert in 2006;

Just as famous as her were Fong Bo Bo, Josephine Siao Fong Fong, Lydia Shum and Nancy Sit Ka-Yin.

Fong Bo Bo;

Lydia Shum and Lui Kei;

Credit :

Nancy Sit album;

and now;

Josephine Siao;

Credit :

For the guys, there were Wu Fong, Patrick Tse Yin and Kwan Shan – mother’s era idol.

Wu Fong;

Patrick Tse Yin in the past without the “pigtail” ;

Kwan Shan;

I remember once there were some kind of live appearances by some famous actress like Nancy Sit or Josephine Fong in one of the cinemas after the show. My godsisters were overjoyed and went to get their signatures and shook hands. They refused to wash their hands for a few days after the hand shake!

Before I end, here is the 2001 stamps issued in Hong Kong on some of the old HK movie stars. Can you identify them?


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