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I guess many of us have long forgotten the above ‘ugly’ piece of paper that had given us so much trouble in getting it before entering a certain place called the ‘restricted zone’. One has to go to certain places to purchase it at $3 or buy one that gives you free access for a month – the place to get it is shown behind the above paper;

Below is a typical ALS booth selling it;

Photo credits :

You may read more on here and here.

You need to display this ALS ticket on the top left hand corner of your car windscreen. This ALS (Area Licence Scheme) was implemented in June 1975. At that time, words like RZ (Restricted Zone and CBD (Central Business Districts) were very popular. Of course with this ALS, you can enter the RZ during the peak hour without 4 persons in the car. The price for entering is $3 for daily access and $60 for a month’s access.

You will be amazed by how that lady (usually) standing near the ‘sentry box’ monitored those cars with the ALS ticket on the windscreen. How she can spot those without and take down their vehicle numbers. Understand that these group of people are specially trained for these jobs!

Photo credit : LTA Academy

After about 23years, we discarded this manual system and go for the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing);

Not so troublesome as the ALS as we don’t have to purchase that ticket anymore, yet there are always drivers who forget to insert the cashcard into the IU (In vehicle unit);

Photo credits above : LTA Academy, LTA.

Here is how the ERP system works in detail. Anyway, whichever system it is – it’s still Pay and Pay!


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