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From Film & Negatives to Digital

Credit : Straits Times, SPH

Do you still see those advertisements for camera films of brands like Kodak, Fuji or Konica, Sakura, etc… ?

I wonder how many still remember how to load a film into a camera haha? Who knows, a few more generation and nobody knows what is a roll of film…

In the past when I buy a roll of film, at least I must verify it’s 35mm and the film speed that I want like ISO 200, 100, etc…

So where do we load this film to? Of course it’s at the back of the camera (in most cases);

Well that’s my old SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera – Nikon FA. I have already “archived” this camera for a long long time together with many other viewfinder cameras.

“Playing” photography is not a cheap hobby, at least to me. One has to buy film, develop them, and print them. Even the development fees had gone up from $1 to $2, etc… Though at times, the printing of 3R print has gone down from the norm of 30cents each to as low as maybe 15cents or 12cents, but the quality was very bad. You will see the color of the print started to fade after sometimes.

I started to have my first viewfinder camera when I was in Primary School, think probably Pri.5 in 1973. I took about maybe around $50 from my saving to buy it and my godmother discovered it and scolded me. That was a very simple “crazyman” viewfinder camera. Yes, we called it “crazyman” camera in Chinese or Cantonese for those non-focusing or auto focus and auto exposure camera.

When I was in Secondary School, I joined the school’s photography club and learned about film developing, printing, etc…

Of course my love for photography maybe passed down from my father’s gene hehe. He is also an amateur photographer and he had even a enlarger at home. He had setup a darkroom in our old house in Serangoon Road then. So developing and printing was much easier for him.

I remember in the 70s, the Kodak Instamatic cameras were really popular;

Photo Credit : Kodak

In the 80s, people who visit those tourist attraction places without camera may end up buying those “disposable” camera;

Photo Credit : Kodak

You will love this video from Kodak;

Remember those Flash Cubes you have to carry along for your flash photography in the past;

Now most advertisements you see regarding photography is digital camera and it’s accessories. You don’t see those films advertisements anymore. Here is the digital camera my wife bought – a Panasonic Lumix FX01;

Of course for Digital Camera, you will talk about how many MegaPixel. Also it’s Memory Card and not film that it used;

Credit : Wikipedia

It’s now so much more convenient to handle a digital camera that I don’t think I still want to use my film camera anymore haha. I can simply delete those shots that are no good and select those that I want to print it without developing them. Also printing can be as good using those camera printers available now – very affordable too. I don’t even need to go to the Photo or Camera Shop nowadays.

Do you still keep those old free photo albums when you print your photos in the past;


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