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Memories From My Old Ang Pao

Maybe most will just clear their contents (money) and throw away the packets (ang pao). But for me, new or used, I will keep them (same as my mother). We keep the ang pao in albums, and boxes.

Here are some old ang pao that will bring back some fond memories;

At one glance, they don’t seem that old right? OK but before that, let me show you one very very old ang pao type that I’ve received when I was a few years old in the 60s;

Well the above seems like those used in funeral. But it was this type of ang pao that I received in the 60s and the amount usually like 2 5cents or 2 10cents. Close relatives usually gave more than distant ones. Some said certain dialects group gave more, I’m not too sure about that.

Some establishments still exit but some don’t in the following;


This above was from Motorola. Many will remembered that Motorola is the brand that our 1st pager and handphone was. But now, there are so many brands to choose from for handphones.


The younger generation may not know about this Oriental Emporium Holdings Group. They probably had more outlets (25 I think) than NTUC Fairprice then in the 70s or 80s. But one by one, they started to close down. Most town centres will have at least one Oriental Emporium like the one at Bedok Town Centre, now occupied by NTUC Fairprice.


Maybe the ladies will know of this boutique shop Pisces. One of the outlets was located along Orchard Road just outside the Plaza Singapura (along the same side as McDonald House). Think these Pisces outlets are no longer around, am I right?


For those interest rate hunters, Tat Lee Bank was probably one will go for in the past. Too bad, it had merged with Keppel Bank to become Keppel Tat Lee.


It was an old ang pao envelope from NTUC Fairprice. Of course they are still around though the new logo already replaced the old logo above. The name NTUC was removed from the new logo (I think) and only Fairprice is used.


It was so popular back then that SAFE (SAF Enterprise) branched into Travel business for the SAF personnel. I remembered I had even booked a tour to Taiwan and the price was so low that one need to be balloted. I was lucky then haha.

You may read about SAFE Trave here:

SAFE Travel


Now known as M Hotel. But before that, it was also known as Copthorne Harbour View Hotel in 1995. And even well before that – Harbour View Dai-Ichi Hotel. Why all these re-naming of this hotel at Anson Road?

After doing a check on the internet, the hotel’s owner, Hong Leong Group, was legally barred from using the Millennium brand in Singapore as it could be confused with The Ritz-Carlton Millenia. So M-Hotel is ok as only the initial is used. So now, you can’t get the same ang pao with the old hotel name haha.

Before I end this post, I would like to wish all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!



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