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Singapore Badminton Hall – Conserve?

When I read about the news on the closing of Singapore Badminton Hall by end of January 2008, I was saddened.

Credit :Straits Times, SPH

The Singapore Badminton Hall (SBH) was built in 1952 and for 56 years of history, it has seen 3 major events in it.

– Hosting the 1955 and 1958 Thomas Cup

– Vote counting station for the 1962 merger referendum

Oh though not a major event, the Rolling Stones also had a concert there in 1965;

Credit : National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

The National Heritage Board marked the SBH as a Historical Site due to the above 3 major events, but that does not mean it will be conserved. It’s fate probably lies with URA, let’s cross our fingers.

There are 2 buildings I’m talking about along this Guillemard Road. The 1st building is the one on the right and built in 1952.

This is the one and see the crowd outside the SBH in 1962 during the vote counting session;

Credit : National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

Below you can see the same old building but with the newer one on the left;

Here is another view of the 1962 scene;

Credit : National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

Note the building behind – the Fatty Weng restaurant still not at the corner coffee shop then. See how it looks like now in 2008;

The newer building on the left opened in 1986 by the late President Dr.Wee Kim Wee;

Credit : National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

Both late President of Singapore, Mr. Ong Teng Cheong and Dr.Wee Kim Wee at the SBH in 1986;

Credit : National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

The same place in 2008;

Well before they do any ‘face lift’ to these Singapore Badminton Hall, let’s take a final look now.

Main Entrance To The Old Building;

The old booth in the old building;

Side view of the old building;

Another view of the new building;

Maybe for most of us, our trip to the Singapore Badminton Hall means going to the Fatty Weng’s restaurant or in Cantonese “Fei Chai Weng or Rong”. I’ve eaten at that restaurant there before but it’s not the best I’ve tasted frankly.

Entrance to the Fatty Weng’s restaurant at the new building;

Carpark entrance to the Fatty Weng’s restaurant;

The sheltered carpark at the new building;

And why don’t they wait till I’ve my last try at the Fatty Weng Restaurant inside there for a last time before they…..

Read more about the Singapore Badminton Hall.


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