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My Hero

No no, I’m not talking about that HEROES TV series on Monday! It’s my old HERO brand fountain pen. Sad to say many students nowadays don’t use fountain pen or may not even know/seen one too!

I started using HERO fountain pen since Secondary school, think around Sec.1 or 2. Sometimes I got my fountain pen leaking, so my shirt pocket may be stained. The worst case was the ink bottle cap was not tighten properly thus my whole school bag was filled with the blue ink!

The HERO 336 Fountain Pen;

This is probably the most common fountain pen found here. It was released in 1968. The fountain pen probably costs about S$1.20 (I think)? This HERO pen resembles that of PARKER 51 (American brand).

The iridium nib tip was very tough and we like to use it as a dart. I can use it as a flying dart on the class table or chair. It’s fun playing with it, anyway, what other things can we played with at that time…

For those that have used the Hero fountain pen before, their refill system is probably most memorable;

Above photos credit : Chinapenking

When comes to refilling the pen, sometimes there will be a spill and we need those white blotting paper. Oh my son my not even seen one yet haha. Of course the other item that comes to mind when refilling is the ink bottle;

As seen on the packaging, this HERO brand ink and fountain pen was manufactured in Shanghai, China.

See the Chinese Tradmark below;

The side view of the box;

And the unique cap with the HERO embossed on it;

I wonder if I can still find this old HERO fountain pen at Sungei Road…



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