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Every Paper Bag Tells A Story

Paper bags were used during the 60s, 70s and early 80s. They were then replaced by the current plastic bags. In the past, most products or companies advertisements were placed on the paper bags. Of course most of us will remember those bigger paper bags used for the mooncakes boxes.

Look at these 2 paper bags found in my mother’s house. They are probably 25 to 30 years back.

1. Chee Seng Sesame Oil;

Take note of the old telephone number and the number of digit then. Also the old address 937 Serangoon Road. This Chee Seng Sesame Oil probably has a very long product life cycle. They have been here since 1943 though started off as coconut oil instead of sesame oil. Here is their company history and their double pagoda logo reason.

2. Heng Kee Lemon Juice ;

This was my favourite lemon juice in concentrated form, to be mixed with water. My mother used to buy a bottle of this lemon juice when she was out shopping. Note the address printed on the paper bag – Capitol Shopping Centre, Stall No.52 and $1.30 per bottle. Stall No.52 – those who been there before in the 80s will remember how the place like. Maybe Peter and Chun See can shed some lights.

Let’s see when the paper bags were made and who made them;

So don’t you think every paper bag tells a story? In the past, I used to say to my mother why was she keeping all these paper bags like garung guni…now I’m the one keeping it haha. Now I understand when there are aplenty – it’s like rubbish, and when it’s gone – it’s like treasure!



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