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Sea View Hotel – Old, New & Gone

I’ve only seen the ‘New’ Sea View Hotel at 26 Amber Close. Most of us are familiar with this Sea View Hotel logo at the top of the hotel building;

Surprisingly I find it more difficult to find photos of this ‘New’ Sea View hotel building than the Old Sea View hotel at Meyer Road. Below is the only photo I can find on internet;

For those not sure where exactly is Amber Close, here is the map;

See the * on the building next to the Sea View hotel. That’s where I usually hang out in the 70s, 80s and 90s. The old Katong Yaohan there with Ikea on the second floor…then we have the old Cold Storage taking over the place there too. Shopping seems so easy and close to my house at Haig Road.

Thinking back, I wonder why I liked to go shopping at Katong Yaohan and Cold Storage there even though I don’t have much to buy? Maybe just to enjoy the aircon haha. As for the hotel, I had been to the restaurant a couple of times only with my clients. In the 70s, this Sea View Hotel must be a luxury hotel too. But in it’s last decade, it’s just a 2 or 3 star hotel.

So they are going to build some condos on this same site and named it ‘The Sea View’. There will be 6 blocks of 23 storeys condos. You will be surprised how fast the progress is;

Photo Credit : Aaron Chong

When I started to shift in together with my parents in the 70s (around 1976 when I was in Sec.2) at Haig Road, the Sea View Hotel was already there near the Amber Close. So I’ve not seen the ‘Old Sea View Hotel’ at Meyer Road. I’m sure Peter has seen it as I remember he mentioned something like ‘dome’ shaped building at Meyer Road when I posted the topic on Haw Par Villa previously.

1. Sea View Hotel in the 70s;

Credit : Singapore Government, Chief Surveyor

Though the Marine Parade Road and ECP still not built, the ‘New Sea View Hotel’ had already been built at the Amber Close in the 70s. So when exactly is the ‘New Sea View Hotel’ built? Let’s take a look below;

– 1906 : Established Sea View Hotel at Meyer Road and owned by Reuben Manasseh Meyer

– 1909 : Grove Hotel became one of its 2 annexes

– 1912 to 1923 : Leased to Eleazar Johannes

– 1923 to 1931 : Leased to Sarkies Brothers (operated is as Sea View Hotel and Sanatoruium, and from 1926 as Sea View Hotel)

– 1931 to 1962 : Taken over by the executors of the estate of late Manasseh Meyer. Sea View Hotel Ltd became the proprietors and operated till 1962. The Peach Garden condo replaced the site occupied by the Old Sea View Hotel in 1976.

– 1969 to 2003 : The New Sea View Hotel began operations at Amber Close and ceased in 2003
2. Sea View Hotel (before the major land reclamation along East Coast in Mid 70s onwards);

Credit : Shell, Singapore Government Survey Department.

Note the location of the Sea View Hotel in the 50s. Also a number of roads like Marine Parade and East Coast Parkway were not built before the land reclamation. Of course the shoreline was immediately after the Amber Road and Sea View Hotel really means sea view.

Read more about the Old Sea View Hotel.

Read about how Grove Hotel became one of the 2 annexes of Old Sea View Hotel.

So the Old Sea View Hotel started off as a large colonial bungalow situated at the sea front surrounded by coconut trees.

This one shows the Old Sea View Hotel circa 1900. I wonder if that was how it looked like before becoming a hotel;

Photo Credit : National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

Below shows the living quarters of the Old Sea View Hotel at Meyer Road;

Credit : National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

In 1910;

Photo credit : Singapore Philatelic Museum

In 1926;

Photo credit : Singapore Philatelic Museum

In around 1937;

Photo Credit : National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

The dome-shape building of the Old Sea View Hotel;

Photo Credit : Joo Chiat, A living legacy by Lily Kong and TC Chang

The site of Old Sea View Hotel at Meyer Road is now occupied by Peach Garden condo;

Now both the old and new Sea View Hotels are gone…and both sites are replaced by condos. Should have taken some photos of the new Sea View Hotel before it was demolished.


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