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Shops That Gone With The Wind

One of my favourite past time is shopping…yeh not many men like doing that especially with their wives or families. Me too, I love shopping alone during the weekdays as it is less crowded.

Sad to say that many of my favourite shopping hunts were gone with the wind – no longer around…here are just a handful of them.

Emporium Holding:

They had many outlets like the current NTUC, and I love the one near to my house at Haig Road. I could just popped in anytime I like and strolled and browsed around. Really missed that shop.

Safe Superstore;

Most guys in the past who had been in the army will know of this SAFE Superstore as it’s a store for them. A lot of civil servant or army guys like to shop there as they could pay by instalment for large value items. I preferred going to the one at Sims Drive as it was bigger.


I think this BIG store was a replacement of SAFE Superstore, correct me if I’m wrong. I had only been to the BIG store at the World Trade Centre (now call Harbour Front) a few times before it was gone.


I believed this was many people favourites especially the ladies. I remembered how grand it was when it was first launched in Singapore.

In year 2000, the SOGO Japan faced financial crisis due to its property investment and Singapore SOGO was affected. The space once occuppied by SOGO at Raffles City now becomes Robinson.

I wonder how many of you still have these old shops’ price tags or warranty cards?

Sorry : Terribly sorry for MIA (missing in action) for almost a month I think…so what happen? Did some ‘minor’ renovation (I thought putting back a wall between 2 rooms was minor renovation) and didn’t expect that it took almost 2 weeks. After that took me another 1 week plus to unpack. As one of the rooms need to redo the flooring and put back the cement brick wall, we had to stay at Downtown East chalet for 3 days 2 nights followed by another 2 nights at another hotel. So the desktop computer had somehow missing among the many boxes and took my days to unpack…finally 95% of the things are settled now and I can start blogging.

Also I would like to thank for all your support and my blog “Times Of My Life” is one of the finalists in Best Individual Blog 2009 – Singapore Blogs Award 2009. You may vote for my blog at here. Thank you.



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