To all my blog Readers and fellow netizens and friends of and Museums : Thank you very much for your support for Times Of My Life! I’ve won NOT just the Best Individual Blog Award in Singapore Blog Awards 2009 by OMY, but the love and support of my blog readers!

And the bigger picture;

Can you guess what this fabric bag for? I’ll tell you in the comments what I thought it was after all your guesses.

Well here is the trophy or cup;

What we were told was that this year the trophy or cup is 1 Cup Size bigger than last year (2008). No wonder it is so heavy and it’s really solid. So who can guess the cup size?

Those who won the trophies, did you see the words on it? I didn’t notice the words until one day later;

Do you know what are the words? I’m just making a guess as the words are too cursive for me to read, I think it is “陈瑞献 08”. The Chinese name of Mr.Tan Swie Hian, who is the artist who created this unique trophy. The “08” probably means the year 2008 when he first created the smaller cup size design.

Now the certificate of the award;

Haha, you guys thought you can see my real name!

But what I love most among all the prizes is the SmartQ 7 Internet Tablet that cost around S$399 or slightly less or more (the screen is only 7″) …now I can surf my net and blog anywhere, anytime;

Thank you once again for all your support.


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