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Old Compass

Credit : National Heritage Board.

Yes I’m talking about the above old compass and not those when you lost your direction type haha. Saw the above old set during the National Heritage Fair at Suntec City some months back, and I remember I do have a set of that in the past.

My first set of compass was purchased when I was in higher primary level. It was exactly like the one shown above, the pencil was tightened to it. We have to keep those shorter pencil and use it for the compass. The compass, dividers and other instruments were kept together in the metal box. After some time of use, the compass and the metal box will get rusty!

Later in secondary school, the compass set also got upgraded. It got longer and “more professional”. We use pencil leads and need to “sharpen” it using sandpaper. The box containing it were usually plastic instead of the old metal box.

Now the compass set is mainly make of plastic and won’t get rusty. Here is my son’s compass set;

It’s so convenient to use – just put in the 0.5mm pencil lead like those for mechanical pencil. No need to sharpen anymore!

Terminal Fees

No it has got nothing to do with Terminal illness or disease! Neither do I understand why it was called Terminal Fees instead of Miscellaneous Fees for schools in the 70s;

This was the receipt of my Miscellaneous Fees of $1 when I was in Pri.3 in 1971 at Beatty Primary School. I remembered that at that time, teachers have to spend quite a lot of time to collect the “School Fees” (we used to call them School Fees instead of Misc. Fees), instead of teaching. I loved such free time every month during fees collection period.

Well compared the Misc. Fees of $1 at that time to now – see the increased in fees over time!

So do you know why is it called Terminal Fees in the past?


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