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Shopping in the Past – Cortina, President… (Part 2)

I’m not too sure how many are familiar with shopping centres like 总统大厦 and 高登 (President Shopping Centre and Cortina Departmental Store).

President Shopping Centre (now known as Serangoon Plaza) was a rather popular shopping centre for those staying nearby like me. I bought my first badminton racket there. I remember there was a coffee house or snack bar (this 2 terms are no longer used nowadays) there and my godbrother used to order “7-up Float” or “Banana Split” for me. Behind this President Shopping Centre was the President Merlin Hotel (now New Park Hotel). Anyone knows why this shopping mall called “President”?

The other one was Cortina Departmental Store located in Colombo Court (the new Supreme Court);

Photo Credit : National Archives of Singapore, PICAS.

Above shown how the Colombo Court looked like in the 1980s. In the 70s, my godbrother bought me my first long pants there at Cortina.

Of course, in it was also the popular Northern Palace Restaurant. Sad to see that the building had to go to make way for the new Supreme Court;

Photo Credit : RafflesCity of Skyscrapercity forum.

Above shown the new Supreme Court still under construction in 2005.


Shopping in the Past – Yaohan, Fitzpatricks… (Part 1)

The once popular departmental store in Singapore during the 70s – Yaohan (八佰伴)!

The green colored logo is very distinguished and during that time, you can see their full page ads in the newspaper very often;

Credits : SPH, Straits Times.

Of course going to Yaohan means going to Plaza Singapura at that time. The Plaza Singapura in the 70s was so different from now.

Guess it was opened somewhere in 1975 and it was so grand, afterall not many big shopping malls were around then.

This photo shows the front of Plaza Singapura in the 90s;

Here is the inside view of the plaza in 1991. You can see that Yaohan is still around (on the left side);

I remembered I used at sit around at the benches below the escalators waiting for friends.

Some of the major departmental stores here were Daimaru and OG, and of course other stores or shops like Swensen, Swee Lee, etc. were equally grand.

Talking about Yaohan, makes me recall some of those departmental stores or supermarket that didn’t survive through the ordeal – Daimaru, K-Mart, Tokyu and Sogo.

Of course not forgetting Fitzpatricks Supermarket which was located at the now…, do you know?;

Photo Credit : Jonty

Here is another shot of the inside in 1969;

Photo Credit :

Below shows an old advertisement for Fitzpatricks in 1969;

Credit : SPH, Straits Times.

To be continued…


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