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SATA Greeting Seals

My late godfather used to buy these SATA greeting seals in the past. Somehow I managed to have a couple of such booklets – from $2 per booklet (10 sheets of 10 seals per sheet) in 1969 to $5 per booklet in 1971. $2 or $5 may not be a large amount now, but at that time (60s and 70s) it was quite a considerable amount.

These are not meant to replace the usual postage stamps but used to decorate your letters as shown below.

For those that do not know what SATA is (click on the link in the first para) , I’m not surprised as TB (Tuberculosis) is no longer a major killer in Singapore. It was in the 60s, thus Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association (SATA) was setup in 1947.

1968 PAP Report Card

Should be a 1968 PAP Kindergarten Report Card! I’m wondering why I’m only studying during the 2nd term of the Kindergarten at the PAP? That means I only had 6 mths of Kindergarten education prior to my Primary education.

If you see carefully the above Report Card;

– The Chinese text is above the English.

– The address (436, Pesiaran Keliling) of the Kindergarten or the Road name does not exist anymore.

– Postal code probably still not introduced yet.

Now for the inside of the Report Card;

I really don’t have much recollection of that address 182, Mattar Road, Block 2! That means I may have stayed with my “Ba Gu” or No.8th Auntie (my Father’s elder sister) for about 6 mths. That Block 2 should have been demolished long ago. Why the unit number just 182 at that time?

Some old Records

Records? LPs? 331/3, 45, 78rpm? 7″, 10″ 12″ ? They are just old vinyl records used by those gramophone or what we called the records players. Of course, now we use CDs or whatever newer technology there are for storing and retrieving of songs and music.

See below an old 7″ record with our National Anthem song on it! You can play on both sides.

Side 1 : Band of Singapore Military Forces.

Side 2 : Singapore Ministry of Education Choir

Below are those flexibe colored acetate records;

This one below shows a Children Songs vinyl record – it came with song sheet too!

Birth Certificate

My first documents are probably my Birth Certificates. Maybe people during our time we have 2 copies of such Birth Certificates.

The first copy of Birth Certificate which termed the Duplicate copy is on a poorer quality paper and of red print. This was probably issued within 1 to 2 weeks from birth.

Front Side : You may see at that time, it’s called State of Singapore instead of Republic of Singapore. Also my parents’ Nationality are British Subject though they are also born in Singapore.

Rear Side : The rear side is the Vaccination Notice.

4 years later, I was issued with the Original Birth Certificate (1966). It’s still known as State of Singapore. Not much difference from the current Birth Certificate, at least from one glance at the front.

Rear Side : See the various stamps from Primary School and KK Hospital.


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