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10 Pcs A Box Butter Cake

How many pieces of cake can be packed in this box? 10 pieces, yes in the past we usually have such 10 pieces a box cake. Like my godmother’s family, there are 8 children and including godmother and godfather there will be 10 of them. So a box of cake will be just enough!

This is the good old tasty type of butter cakes that I like best. Frankly I don’t like those cheese cakes or blueberry cheese cakes and fresh cream cakes nowadays. I still prefer the old butter cakes but some confectionary shops just don’t make them well. This one at Beach Road, said to be an very old shop, their butter cakes are to my liking (I’ve no relation or dealings with them, I’m just a customer).

Simple design, simple taste that brings back good old memories. Of course it was very much cheaper in the 70s, now it’s 80 cents a piece. My godfather used to buy at least 2 boxes of cakes home in the past so that some of us can have more than 1 piece. One thing I missed very much is the Rum cake. Anyone know where I can still find them?


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