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Guess What Quiz No.2

I’ve not seen this for a very long time. Though it is still available now, but it was commonly used in the 60s or maybe still in the 70s. Do you know what is this for? What’s inside? I think Peter, Philip or Chun See may know the answer.


Yes, it’s a Shaving Kit. You can see the contents inside:

Here is the Razor Blade;

In fact such shaving kit is very good for travelling. It even has a small mirror inside. Like what the guys have said, the blade is really super sharp!

Additional Photos;

Photo 1:



Photo 2 :

Photo 3 :


44th Years Of Independence Or 50 Years Of Nation Building?

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore! Happy 50th Nation Building Singapore! Today is 9 Aug 2009, and is Singapore’s National Day.

Well you may ask is there a difference between “Years of Independence”and “Years Of Nation Building”? Frankly initially I thought it’s the same, is there a difference? When approaching National Day, didn’t the media always use terms like xx Years of Independence, xx Years of Nation Building or xx National Days, etc…? Don’t they mean the same?

OK, let me show you another of my mother’s treasured collection;

Credit : Ministry Of Culture, The Straits Times

The above was the “1st Year Of Independence” magazine published by the Ministry Of Culture and The Straits Times. Inside you may see a message by MM Lee, our Prime Minister then;

Credit : Ministry Of Culture, The Straits Times

The above magazine was to commemorate our 1st Year Of Independence from 9 August 1965. It was the year we gained independence from Malaysia, yes the year Singapore exit from Malaysia on 9 August 1965. You may read more about it in my earlier post title “My Fist National Day On 3rd June“.

So I believed any reference to the year 1965 will be referred to as “xxth Years Of Independence” or “xxth National Day”. Now what about any reference from the year 1959, the year Singapore achieved full internal self-government (In 1957, Lim Yew Hock asked for control over Singapore’s internal affairs and the British government agreed to grant Singapore control over it’s internal affairs but not the external affairs like defence and relations with other countries. Following this, an election was held 3rd June 1959 to elect leaders to from the new government).

I believed that any reference to the year 1959, will be referred to as “Nation Building”. We do celebrate Nation Building too! Remember the old TV Guide I posted not too long ago? In 1984, we celebrated 25 Years Of Nation Building “Reach Out Singapore”;

Credits : Mediacorps

The “Reach Out Singapore” was held on 2nd June 1984 at the Padang and was telecast live then to celebrate 25 Years Of Nation Building. So does that mean every year we have 2 dates to celebrate?

Now take a look at this First Day Cover to commemorate 25 Years Of Independence;

Credit : Singapore Telecom

The above stamps were issued on 16 August 1990 to commemorate Singapore’s 25 Years of Independence. Also remember the slogan “One People, One Nation, One Singapore”?

Ok now let’s take a look at another set of First Day Cover or Miniature Sheet issued on the 23 Nov 1984;

Credit : Singapore Telecoms

The above was issued to commemorate Singapore’s 25 Years of Nation Building (1959 – 1984).

See the difference : One issued in 1990 while the other one in 1984!

Recently I’ve seen on the papers the phrase “50 Years Of Self-Governance” instead of “50 Years Of Nation Building”. Well “Self-Governance” is more straight forward and easily understood.We know that it refers to the year 1959.

Who knows in another 10 years (2019), we may celebrate 200th anniversary of Singapore’s founding by Stamford Raffles in 1819 on our 54th National Day.


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