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1 School 3 Generations (Part 3)

…continued from Part 2. 

It didn’t occur to me until I go thru my old secondary class photos that it was still in Black and White print when I was in Sec.1 (1975).

This one was taken outside the classroom facing the school field. See those doors behind us, there were about 8 of them in each class (think it’s 4 on each side). It took me quite some time to accustom to the Sec.1 school life as all of us came from different Primary Schools. Of course my form teacher (below photo) was Ms Lim then. My class was Sec.1G.

Finally it was in color when I was in Sec.2G (1976). Mr.Boh was my form teacher and also taught us Mathematics. He was one of the best teachers in VS then. This one was taken at the school field facing Jalan Besar Stadium;

Streaming was at end of Sec.2 and I had chosen to go to Technical stream. There were Science , Technical and Art Stream during my time. Though my results allowed me to go to Science stream, I didn’t want to as I wanted to go Poly (S’pore Polytechnic).

This was my Sec. 4 class photo and my form teacher was Mrs.Lee. I was in Sec.4T1 (T for Technical, A for Arts and S for Science stream) then. Mrs.Lee is the only teacher who is still in Victoria School now as she is my son Larger HOD (Head of Department).

As you can see from the photo below, we were wearing long white pants finally. At that time, only Sec.4 were allowed to wear long pants, while Sec.1 to Sec.3 were to wear the Khaki brown shorts.

Some of us had been to her house at Marine Parade. As it’s our final year there in Victoria, our relationship with our form teacher was rather close.

Here is another class photo after a class party;

In the above photo, you can see we were allowed to paste some posters on the back wall for decoration.

Oh I remember Victor (a fellow blogger) was also from Victoria as he did blogged about in his blog. Yes, Mr.Mok and Bulldog were among those popular figures then. Though Mr.Mok was very strict, he was nevertheless a very good Additional Maths teacher. There was another teacher whose nicknamed “Stoner” taught us English in Sec.4. Our whole class hated him as he was one of those teachers on the “Wanted List”. One day, he was rocking his chair with his leg pushing his table until he fell off it. The class laughed and we had our ‘revenge’.

Also I remember almost half of our class went to a School at Queenstown to take our Highway Code test together. Of course I passed mine at the first attempt!

During my time, Sec.1 to Sec 4 were all boys and only from Pre.U 1 to 2 there were girls in Victoria. So our Prom Night for Sec.4 were held together with the Pre.U 2 classes at the Shangri-La Hotel. Here is a photo of that night;

See our fashion sense then haha. Sorry I can’t remember what we had for dinner that night, anyone?

to be continued in Part 4 (Final Part)…



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