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My First Nintendo

Those who have read my previous post on the old Casio Calculator Space Invader game, may also like this.

No it wasn’t the Nintendo Game Boy my son is playing, it was a very simple handheld single game type! Called it “Game & Watch”;

It’s not so expensive though but the LCD screen resolution and color is a far cry from the games nowadays. Each set has 2 games : Game A and Game B – Game B is the same but at a faster speed. At that time (in the early 80s), a lot of youngsters were addicted to this game set! Almost everywhere you can see them playing as there were many different games. Among them, my favourite was the Octopus one;

The battery was not those rechargeable type like the GameBoy now. To change to a different game then means to buy another new game set.

My son’s GameBoy – what he called the SP Advance was so expensive when we first bought it few years back and now, the price dropped like hell. It even has a carry pouch;

Even the external appearance is enough to attract one to play;

It’s resolution and color of course were much better than my old “GameBoy”;

Now to change game is easy, just buy a new cartridge (expensive though).

Any place still sell the old Game & Watch?

If you can’t find them anymore, fret not. Play it online here at Retro Remake.


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