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My First Pair Of Jeans

Do you still remember when you bought your first pair of jeans? What size was your first pair of jeans? What color and what brand? Haha, not many can remember right?

I remember my first pair of jeans is white color and to match with my white shirt. No I’m not wearing that to join any political party hehe. I bought my first white Texwood jean when I was 16 and used it as my school pants. So I had to remove that obvious big label (like one shown above) and avoid walking near the school disciplinary master (bulldog and Mr.Mok of Victoria School then).

Wearing something that was disallowed is challenging and fun when went undetected! Guess what, my size then was something like 27 or 28 and now…….35 or 36…..sigh…..only 30 years ago. Slowly other popular brands were added to my wardrobe, brands like Hara, Lee, Amcol, Levis, and later came Wrangler.

I used to buy my jeans at the Peninsula Plaza or Shopping Centre and the Columbo Court as after buying, I could have it alter at those tailoring shops at the Capitol cinema multi-storey carpark. Those were my favourite hunt for jeans then and prices were not expensive like now. I also have a couple of thick ‘cowboy’ belt to match with the jeans too haha.  Those were the days…

Long Hair Males

Credit : SPH, The Straits Times.

Do you still remember the above posters put up in most government bodies? Of course not in the current era, it happened in the 60s/70s – in Singapore haha. Long hair males were frowned upon in the past.
You may laugh it off now, but in the past it’s no fun at all. Male artistes with long hair were not allowed to appear on TV too; male with long hair will also be stopped at Woodlands immigration checkpoint and turned away until they had their hair cut. Think that was around 1972.

Well probably our government is trying to stop the Hippies fashion and habits infiltrating into our country. Besides the long hair, there was another icon of the hippies – the peace sign! Most of those fashionable men with long hair, wore a peace sign necklace;

Here is a guide on how the hippies looked like;

Credit : Ruth Bronsteen. The Hippy¹s Handbook.

So lucky me, when I was in Singapore Poly, it’s already 1979. I still able to keep my long hair but just long enough to cover my ears and slightly below the shirt collar. Below shows the long hair me in Poly days during the late 70s and early 80s;


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