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Excuse Me, Do You Sell Tracing Paper?

Laokokok : “Excuse me, do you sell tracing paper?”

Young salesgirl : “Tracing paper? …What is it? ..pls wait…”

She hurried off to ask another more elderly salesgirl. Together they showed me to a shelf where it was.

Young salesgirl : “Oh, so this is tracing paper!”

I’m rather surprised that the younger generation like my kids (Primary 3 girl and even my Sec.2 boy may not know), do not know what tracing paper are. Some do know about carbon paper.

OK, these are Tracing and Carbon Paper;

The tracing paper now is a bit too thick compared to the past. Of course, the prices have gone up many folds too. The carbon paper was usually of the brand Pelikan (not too sure the spelling) in the past and they are usually used for typing and those receipts and invoices.

I used the tracing paper mainly for my Geography lessons in the 70s – tracing countries maps. With digital cameras, scanners, Photoshop software, etc.. and many modern technology, all these tracing and carbon papers are seldom used nowadays. So many younger generations may not have seen or heard about it, can’t blame them.

Let me try to show you how I used the tracing paper and carbon paper in the past. Below is an example of me trying to trace Pinocchio from a book onto a piece of paper.

Unless one can draw very well, otherwise, this is what I will do.

So do you still use the tracing and carbon paper?



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